5 Steps to Help You Prepare for Motherhood

Here are 5 things to consider as you prepare for your life as a new mom

Step 1 - Build your optimal pregnancy health care team

 Besides your caregiver, there are many support professionals who can help you to have an easier pregnancy

•    Doulas – provide comfort, decrease stress, decrease labour and birth times, and provide greater satisfaction after birth.  The best place to start is the Calgary Doula Association.

•    Chiropractors – help relieve the discomforts of the changing posture of pregnancy.  They help to keep the pelvis balanced and ready for birth, as well as reducing neck and low back pain, and headaches

•    Registered Massage Therapists — help relieve muscle tension, decrease stress and improve blood circulation.  Make sure that your RMT is comfortable massaging pregnant women 

•    Naturopaths – provide natural ways to help with sickness and improve health. They are fantastic to help with digestive disorders and nausea that complicate pregnancy, as well as help with treating gestational diabetes.

•    Doctors of Traditional Chinese medicine – These doctors can help with fertility, they provide comfort during pregnancy and can help induce labour and increase milk flow if that is a problem that a new mom is experiencing

Step 2 – Organize Yourself and Your Home For A Life With A Baby

  • Tie up your loose ends - delegate or dump tasks that aren't important for you to do yourself
  • Make space in your home – Get your baby's room ready, set up a breastfeeding station in a quiet spot in your home, if you have many floors, consider making a diaper changing station on each floor to save steps and energy
  • Shop for baby essentials
  • Learn about breastfeeding before your birth

Step 3 – Prepare for Labour and Birth

Prepare for the big day – finish up your birth plan and make copies to take with you.
Pack your bags
Consider taking natural remedies to help with labour and birth – arnica, calendula, raspberry leaf ice chips

Step 4 – Plan Ahead To Make Life Easier

  • Take care of yourself – get an easy to care for haircut, have a manicure, pedicure, massage
  • Buy pajamas that you can wear comfortably in company 
  • Take care of your relationship - have a date
  • Make breastfeeding friendly foods
  • Plan for extra help in the first few months – postpartum doulas are a great help, consider a cleaning service – these can be shower gifts if funds are tight

Step 5 - After Birth Things To Consider

  • Graze constantly to keep up your blood sugar
  • Prepare supper in the morning when everyone is in a good mood.  Have it ready for 5 pm. so that you can all eat when you're ready
  • Keep taking your prenatal vitamins, for 3 months at least, and for the time that you are breastfeeeding
  • Invite positive, supportive people into your home and your life
  • If you are feeling blue for more than 3 days, contact your caregiver, or a public health nurse