What can movement, postural balance and resonance therapies do for your mental and physical health?

More than you think…

Through a series of unique and effective techniques, Steve will help you find the keys to unlock the blocks to fulfilling your maximum potential. Millennium Method™, Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym™, Touch for Health™, Quantum-Touch™, Theta Healing™, Resonance Retuning, Reiki and other specialized kinesiology modalities have been used with great success in a multitude of areas, including:

Academics: learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, math, reading, concentration, test anxiety, etc.

Sports Performance: inconsistent performance, lack of confidence, repetitive physical injuries, coordination problems, spatial awareness deficiency, etc.

Organisation and Focus: feeling overwhelmed, getting bogged down in details, trouble getting started, inability to finish projects, brain fog, etc.

Personal Achievement: insecurities, lack of self-confidence, negative personal programs, etc.

Relationships: difficulties initiating and maintaining healthy relationships; lack of communication; feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction and inequality, recovery after divorce or separation or loss.

Self-Esteem: feeling unsafe, unwanted, unneeded, unloved, unaccepted; lack of personal boundaries, etc.

Healing of Injuries: incomplete recovery, unresolved incident memories, chronic pain or dysfunction, constant misalignment of the spine and body, etc.