Energy Practitioner

Steve is a professional Holistic Life Coach and Specialized Kinesiologist with an emphasis on real change to assist clients to find inner peace, direction and fulfillment in their lives. He is guided in his practice by the spiritual wisdom of the East, Christianity, metaphysics, kinesiology and quantum physics.

In his youth, Steve had severe learning disabilities. Experts at the time claimed that he had reached his academic peak in grade 3 and said improving his situation would be virtually impossible. With the assistance of his mother, who introduced the practice of Brain Gym ®, he was able to overcome this prognosis. This achievement inspired Steve to immerse himself in the alternative healing arts field. In his early twenties, he was well versed in the Educational Kinesiolgy techniques that assisted him as a child. He went on to receive a diploma in Athletic Therapy, earning a 3.5 GPA. In addition to this formal training, Steve has added Touch for Health, Quantum-Touch, Theta HealingTM, Resonance Retuning, Reiki and other specialized kinesiology modalities to his list of tools.

Throughout Steve's life, people have sought him out for assistance in bringing clarity to their difficult situations. His experience helping others, coupled with overcoming his own challenging life experiences, has given him a compassionate and understanding spirit, which he readily brings to his practice. Even after over 20 years of involvement in the alternative healing arts, Steve maintains a great reverence for the work.

Despite the bleak prognosis that teachers and professionals held out for Steve in his early years, his potential has been changed from limited to limitless and so can yours.