Here you can find the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for, go ahead and send us your question directly using our contact page

Q. Do you direct bill?

Currently, we are able to direct bill for chiropractic services for two health insurance companies: Alberta Blue Cross and Greenshields. If you have coverage with other health insurance companies, your insurance company will ask you to pay for services and then submit your claims directly to them. Of note: some health insurance companies will allow you to do your submissions online and your payments will be directly deposited into your account within a few days.

Q. How long will my treatments take?

As all people are different, everyone recovers at a different pace. Your recovery time is dependent on many things: your age, how much you exercise, the physical activity you do at work, your posture at work and at home, your level of nutrition and the amount of life stress you are experiencing. Many people recover quickly, while others take more time. We work with you to determine a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

Q. Will I have to keep coming forever

As a service provider, we offer three types of care: pain relief, problem correction and health and wellness care. It is your choice how far along to road to recovery you would like to go. Some people want quick and fast pain control, others want to correct the underlying cause of their problem. We are happy to help you with the choice that you make with respect to your care. If you opt for pain relief, we will be here to help you again, if you are in need.

Q. Do I need to have x-rays?

Not everyone in our clinic is sent for x-rays. However, if your condition warrants further study before your first adjustment, you will be asked to go to EFW radiology in Airdrie, located at Suite 204, 836 - 1 Avenue NW, just behind the Shopper’s Drug Mart. The radiology technicians there are fabulous at what they do and they will take your x-rays through Alberta Health Care.

Q. Is there anything I can do at home to make my condition better?

Yes! Dr. Beingessner will give you specific muscle stretches that you can do at home or at work to keep your body moving more easily. We have tennis balls available to help you relieve muscle point tenderness, and your posture exercises will help tremendously, as your body learns a better position to sit and move in.

Q. Do you adjust children?

ABSOLUTLEY!!! The birth process can be difficult for babies and many can have neck or shoulder injuries as a result. Then, as children learn to crawl and walk and run and play, they can stumble and fall, which can knock their little vertebrae out of place. Adjustments for children are gentle and fun. We try to make them quite entertaining and most children love to come in for their popcorn adjustments. Many times we can find small misalignments in a child’s spine and correct them so that the child will grow with a healthy, straight spine.

Q. Do you treat people who have had motor vehicle accidents, and if so, how does that billing work?

As a clinic, we are fully equipped to help people who have been in motor vehicle accidents. When you come in, you will need to bring in your car insurance information and your accident claim number, which is found on your police report (if you have one). People who have been in a car accident have 30 days to seek treatment, and will usually qualify for 21 visits of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, physiotherapy and/or acupuncture. Dr. Beingessner is fully qualified to assess your condition and make recommendations for care. Lisa and Tina are able to provide massage therapy sessions, and Dr. Li-Broussard offers acupuncture services. We bill your car insurance company for the treatments, so you will not have to pay for out of pocket expenses.

Q. Do you treat people who are injured on the job through Workers' Compensation Board?

Blessingways Chiropractic is a WCB authorized treatment provider and we are happy to help if you are injured at work. We assess your condition, we submit your information directly to the WCB and we coordinate your treatment plan. If you are accepted for treatment through WCB, you will qualify for 6 weeks of chiropractic care.

Q. What other services are offered at the Blessingways Chiropractic Wellness Centre 

Besides chiropractic, we offer massage therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, hot stone therapy and Reiki. If you are interested in more information about any of these services, please ask Dr. Beingessner or at the front desk.