When I was 18 years old, I suddenly had troubles with using my left hand. I always waitressed as my summer job and all of a sudden lifting coffee pots or playing the piano became difficult for me. I went to the University medical clinic because I was a student at that time and after that I underwent many different diagnositic tests: MRI, nerve conduction tests and a few others that I can’t remember anymore. Well, the doctors were thinking I had a brain tumour and they were right to be concerned… but I didn’t have one and after that no one could help it get any better.

A year later, I had a friend encourage me to go to a chiropractor, who, after his initial exam, told me that the vertebrae on the left side of my neck were not moving properly and that adjustments would help. After three adjustments, my hand was completely better… and I started to become quite fascinated about what chiropractic could do. I still am.

For the past 20 years, I have seen patients have some incredible things happen to them. One of my patient’s sight was returned to him after experiencing vision loss for more than five years. Some of my patients have had daily headaches resolve and never come back. Some have had pelvic pain disappear and were able to resume their everyday lives when movement had been painful for a long time. I’ve had kids come through the clinic and begin to read for the first time in their lives, and I am filled with such appreciation of the nervous system and what it does.

I love what I do. I love the feeling of helping someone who is completely out of alignment come into a better posture and watching their lives change because of it. If you are interested in trying chiropractic care, I sincerely hope that I can help you feel better, move better, and participate more in your life, because that is when I know that what I do works!


Do you have a fussy baby in your life?

Dr. Melanie Beingessner is the author of The Calm Baby Cookbook, written to help breastfeeding moms calm their fussy babies by changing their diets. For more information, please click here

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  • B.A. — Bilingual Bachelor of Arts Degree, Faculté Saint-John, University of Alberta Graduated 1988

  • D.C. — Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Graduated 1996

Practice History

  • Practicing chiropractor in Calgary since 1998

  • Practicing chiropractor in Beiseker, AB from 2007-2010

  • Practicing chiropractor in Airdrie, AB from 2010-present


  • Annotated bibliography of the biomedical literature pertaining to chiropractic, pediatrics and manipulation in relation to the treatment of health conditions, Allan C Gotlib and Melanie Beingessner. J Can Chiropr Assoc. 1995 September; 39(3): 154–171.

  • Making an Impact on a Baby’s Intelligence, July 2002 issue of The Canadian Chiropractor Magazine

  • The Calm Baby Cookbook © 2017 Heartlights Publishing

  • Getting Ready for Baby © 2008 Heartlights Publishing


  • Calgary Doula Association

  • Becoming Parents Prenatal Program

  • Breastfeeding Awareness Week

  • Healing ADHD Naturally

  • Airdrie Women in Business


  • JCCA Award of Excellence, 2nd place, Presented in the category of literature reviews, 1996.


  • Certified Webster Technique practitioner


  • Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors

  • Canadian Chiropractic Association

  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


Copy of Blessingways-Awesome-Dione.jpg

Dr. Melanie and staff are always so kind and accommodating.  My whole family comes to see Dr. Melanie and we all love it.  Chiropractic through pregnancy made it a breeze!  Also, newborn adjustments helped my baby SLEEP BETTER!  I could recommend anyone to Blessingways!
Dione I.



I just love what I do, and helping kids especially is the best part of my day

I have been going to a chiropractor for about 4 years, since moving to Airdrie last year and seeing Dr. Melanie, I have noticed a world of difference!  Not only did she do testing to see what needed to be adjusted, but she noticed things about me I didn’t even know.  After being born with hip dysplasia, I learned how to walk differently than most which resulted in all kinds of pains throughout my body.  Dr. M was able to pinpoint why I was in pain and target the areas that needed adjustment.  After just 3 treatments I could feel myself walking differently!  Dr. M is also great with my kids.  Thanks Dr. M for making a positive difference in my life!
Melissa M.

Thank you Dr. Melanie so much for your love and dedication to your practice.  You have given me strength and saved me from many surgeries.  I truly appreciate you!
Chelsea D.

I was first introduced to this clinic by a neighbour of mine in 2014. I had recently had a baby and my back was spasming like crazy from holding/feeding and anything mom-related since that time.  Dr. Melanie has been my go to person since then.  She not only helped me with my spasming back on two more occaisions, she showed me how to do baby massage on my second baby who was really colicky.  I can't thank Dr. Melanie enough for helping me as well as the front office ladies.  Thank you all!!!
Angela H.

Dr. Melanie saw my baby at 10 months old. At that time, she was unable to sit and the medical doctors told me that she had cerebral palsy from a brain injury at birth and may have trouble walking, feeding herself etc. After one treatment by Dr. Melanie, Sydney was able to sit for the first time! With each treatment she improved significantly. Now she is 20 months old and starting to run around like a normal baby. Dr. Melanie’s treatments have made all the difference in Sydney’s life!
Stacy K.

I began chiropractic care here at Blessingways in my final leg of pregnancy. I wanted to make sure my body was aligned and in good order before I journeyed into my sixth labour and delivery. I was brightly welcomed by the receptionists and also by Dr. Melanie Beingessner. Dr. Melanie was very knowledgeable about pre-natal care and I felt very comfortable in her care. The adjustments went smoothly and she always asked if there was anything more I needed. I am so grateful to find an office that specializes in pre-natal and post-natal care. Thank you so much for your care Blessingways!
Johanna N.

I have been a patient here for a few years now and it has helped me tremendously.  The staff here are friendly and very helpful. Melanie is a very gentle adjuster that is always very concerned about your overall health. I would and have recommended this Chiropractic office.
Laurie P.

My eleven year old son is an active healthy boy. He started complaining of back pain and I kept brushing it aside thinking it was just because he was so active. The pain worsened until he could almost not walk. He had trouble getting in and out of bed. I searched on the internet for a chiropractor in Airdrie. I came upon the Blessingways website and felt good about their philosophy with children. When I called, the staff got me in right away and we started treatment. Within a week my son was back to walking and doing regular movements. Two weeks later he was pain free and running and jumping. I’m so grateful to Dr. Melanie and staff for the work, care and warmth I feel every time my family and I step into their clinic. Thank you so much!
Paula J.

I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort for a couple of months. I had asked around for a good Chiropractor; I was sent to Blessingways. After my first session, my pain was next to none, my baby has flipped from sideways to head down and my headaches are non-existent! I look forward to continuing my treatment.
Aubra B.

I have been to many chiropractic offices in my past due to ongoing back problems, but Blessingways Chiropractic office is the friendliest chiropractic office I have been to.  They are very flexible with working with your busy schedule and the staff are always a joy to talk to. I cannot speak highly enough of the great services and friendly staff that Blessingways Chiropractic office has to offer. Since coming to Blessingways over a year ago my back pain has reduced dramatically. My overall experience has been nothing but friendly, compassionate staff interaction and professional and most of all helpful chiropractic care. Thank you to all the staff at Blessingways for all your help and kindness.

P.S. Every time we come our wait times are very short. Melanie is very thorough and assesses full body.
Marina S.

I never believed in chiropractors until I met Dr. Melanie. I was having some chronic issues that she was able to diagnose and have been pain free since! Her staff is terrific and they always welcome me with open arms!!! Highly recommend Dr. Melanie and Blessingways Chiropractic!
Faiz K

I love going to Blessingways Chiropractic. They helped me during and after my pregnancy, and they continue to help me stay aligned.
Marz W

I recently visited Blessingways Family Wellness as it is a new fixture in my community. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a bright quiet open space. Dr Melanie took the extra time to explain in detail any and all procedures she would do. If I had a problem with any, she would find another way to adjust. The hours are great for all people. They also offer massage and other services.

They are a fantastic addition to our Village Community.
Donelda J

My family LOVES this clinic! Dr. Melanie is amazing - she not only gets me back on my feet each time (always with the best advice!), but she gets my kids moving easier as well with treatments that respect their comfort level. Highly recommend!
Jodi P

Dr. Melanie and her staff are great! They are very knowledgeable and take their time to get to know you and your needs. I am so glad I found her!
Christine M

I've been to see Dr. Melanie on several occasions. She helped me through my aches and pains when I was pregnant. And she's also looked after me long after. There was one time that I was in urgent need of some relief and she took me in right away. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
Becky W

We've been clients for a while now - and have always thought they were great. But it's been more apparent the wonders of Dr. Melanie this week as she did her first adjustment on our new son who is just 6 weeks old. She taught us that he might be suffering from a little reflux. With a few gentle taps (seriously the whole adjustment just looked like the world's greatest cuddle instead of an actual procedure) he was handed back into my arms. Since that first adjustment, not one bought of reflux since.

P.S. Mom's - getting an adjustment done to help with some nursing back - she will resolve aches you didn't know you even had... and you will feel so so much better!
Samantha S

Dr. Melanie has been an answer to prayer. I knew something was wrong with my son when he was 10 months old and his doctors did nothing. He was a baby zombie. I took him to blessingway after hearing great reviews. Still with hesitation. However, the hesitation subsided when she explains to me what was happening and all made sense. After 1 adjustment the difference was amazing. My husband was shocked and we have continued to go. My son is now a happy and healthy 18 months old. He is a completely different boy and we are so happy. 
We will never hesitate to bring our future little ones in.
Candis M

I have just started treatment at Blessingways chiropractic and I can say I am pleasantly surprised with the treatment I have received. They are welcoming, the atmosphere is phenomenal., I always feel comfortable and confident throughout each treatment. They continue to give me insight about my specific treatments needed and are compassionate and dedicated to helping you create a better form of wellness. Thank you!
Lisa V

Hobbled in with post pregnancy pain, felt like my hip was broken. The 10 1/2 lb baby didn't help. Couldn't walk, stand, or sleep right. Thanks to Dr Melanie! I walked out pain free! I recommend her and Blessingways to every new, and not so new, mom!
Collynda D

The treatments are gentle and very effective. Dr. Melanie is very caring and I know I'm in good hands. The staff are excellent and I feel cared for from the moment I walk in the door.
Tandy B

I was never a believer in chiropractic therapy until I met Dr. Melanie! Her and her team are truly concerned about patient care and their service in outstanding. Thank you for everything you have done for myself and my family!
Faiz K

I have gone to blessing ways since they opened. They are very accommodating and extremely nice. They have helped me come a long way! Highly recommend.
Carly I

Dr. Melanie is absolutely fabulous, she is so positive, supportive and has time to talk to you! She's wonderful with me and my son - it's so nice to have a supportive alternative to modern medicine!
Alanna M

Dr Melanie is a fantastic chiropractor! Made me feel very comfortable since chiro was brand new to me. Her treatments have almost cured my chronic daily headaches!
Ashley H

I love that the clinic is family-friendly and accommodating for emergency appointments. Dr.Melanie and the rest of the staff there are wonderful!
Chelsea L