The health of your family is important to us too!  When families function better, our communities are stronger.  A grumpy or stressed out spouse, or a child who is complaining of pain or not doing well in school can cause family life to suffer just a bit.... or a whole bunch.

Many people don't realize that babies and children can suffer back pain or muscle imbalances.  They complain of a pain here or of a headache and many of us think, "you're a kid, how serious can this be?"

Actually, subluxations and resulting nerve interference can be quite serious.  Take a look at some of the complaints that we treat on our side bar on the right.  If you would like more information, please call us at the clinic at 403-945-2422 and we'll do our best to answer any questions that you might have.

Head Shape Problems

Many babies are born with an asymmetrical head shape.  We can get some pretty spectacular results using an extremely gentle technique called Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT).  Take a look at Baby Brae's results after about 10 treatments with Dr. Melanie.  People of all ages have had result with SOT for head shape irregularities, headaches or TMJ problems.  

Brae Marr.JPG

Children's Bumps and Falls

Children fall frequently as they learn to move their bodies in space.  It is a part of growing up.  Bumps and falls can knock vertebrae out of alignment easily, which can create pain.  The underlying principle is that if your child is complaining of physical pain, chances are that we can help.

Teenagers'  Back Pain is Different

The most significant problems that teens experience is neck and back pain resulting from the heavy backpacks that they lug back and forth from school.  Another significant problem is poor posture from kids that sit hunched over handheld gaming devices or cell phones.  We can help improve their posture....

Spouses Need Care Too!

We don't want to sound sexist here, but the reality of our clinic is that most of our moms book appointments for their husbands who would rather be doing anything else but coming in for care.  Well, we are great with spouses and we will take good care of yours, whether through chiropractic, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy or reiki.  We will do our best to return them to you in better shape than we received them...... so that you can get out and enjoy your life more.


I have been going to a chiropractor for about 4 years, since moving to Airdrie last year and seeing Dr. Melanie, I have noticed a world of difference!  Not only did she do testing to see what needed to be adjusted, but she noticed things about me I didn’t even know.  After being born with hip dysplasia, I learned how to walk differently than most which resulted in all kinds of pains throughout my body.  Dr. M was able to pinpoint why I was in pain and target the areas that needed adjustment.  After just 3 treatments I could feel myself walking differently!  Dr. M is also great with my kids.  Thanks Dr. M for making a positive difference in my life!
Melissa M.

I brought my 3 month old in to see Dr. Melanie because I could barely put her down all day she would cry unless she was held and would not nap.  I was very nervous to bring her to a chiropractor being so young.  Dr. Melanie took the time to sit down and explain everything to me before we started and made sure I was completely comfortable with everything.  I wish I had taken my son in when he was that age as it has made world of difference for my little one.  I have seen a few different chiropractors and have always felt rushed in and out and never felt that way with Dr. Melanie.  I can’t thank her enough for helping myself and kids feel 100% better!
Bradi H.



Thanks Dr. Melanie

I was very hesitant and scared to take my 2-and-a-half month old to the chiropractor. Like any protective mother, After many close friends’ recommendations, I decided to bring baby Beckham to see Dr. Melanie. She was amazing and kind as soon as we met. I automatically felt a calming safe energy around her. She practiced on me first before she even touched Beckham and showed me the exact pressure she would be using. It turned out that Beckham had major, major tightness and a vertebrae out! After many sessions with Dr. Melanie, he became a different baby!!! He was so much happier, so much more content and relaxed like a baby should be. I developed so much trust for Dr. Melanie as she not only changed Beckham’s life, but changed my whole family’s! Everyone started sleeping better and was happier all around because baby was! I would recommend Blessingways Family Wellness to any mother out there and to not hesitate to bring your little one to Dr. Melanie. She is amazing. I walked in the clinic in tears because my baby was so unhappy and uncomfortable and a few weeks later, I walked out with tears of happiness because of the dramatic change! She cares so much about her patients and definitely creates miracles! Thank you so much, Dr. Melanie!
Vanessa K.

"I am beyond thankful to Dr. Melanie Beingessner for her help with our son.  Brae was born with what many other newborns experience, an oddly shaped head.  We chalked it up to 'he will grow out of it' but as each week went by it wasn't getting any better.  We were told to check out Dr. Melanie as she has helped so many other babies with different issues.  We were extremely hopeful and after the very first appointment we already noticed a difference not only in his head shape but his facial features....suddenly his brow was even, his eyes were straight, his cheekbones parallel, and he was happy during the whole thing.  We look forward to each appointment not only because Brae actually likes it, but we continue to see an improvement and his head is now almost completely perfectly round.  Blessingways was the greatest thing we could have found and truly a miracle to our situation as our son may have ended up in a helmet had we not tried chiropractic.  We have seen many positive results in our own lives through chiropractic so we weren't hesitant at all to take Brae, and sure enough, it helped yet again to correct so much.  We are forever grateful to Dr. Melanie, you've truly blessed us."

- Justin & Lindsay Marr -