The benefits of regular massage therapy

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There are so many great reasons to have a massage! Besides helping to decrease pain and improve healing times for muscle spasms caused by injuries from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or life events, massage therapy can provide many health benefits for people who are experiencing repetitive motion injuries or problems that are stress induced.

People who are massaged can experience many of the following benefits:

  • Better posture. People who have physically demanding jobs, or people who sit throughout the day, whether from driving, desk work, computer work or answering phones can notice that they don’t stand, sit or move as well as they once did. Massage can help to decrease muscle tension and improve posture to help our patients move more freely and enjoy their day more.

  • Improved blood circulation. Tight muscles can actually decrease blood flow to themselves! Massage helps to relax these tense muscles, which improves blood flow and increases blood circulation throughout the body in general.

  • Improved immune function. With better blood circulation, the lymph fluid in the body is able to circulate more easily. The result is that the immune system functions better.

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Other benefits noticed by our patients are:

  • Improved joint flexibility and range of motion.

  • Improved athletic performance.

  • Improved ability to breathe deeper and easier.

  • Decrease in chronic pain levels.

  • Decreased blood pressure.

  • Improved sense of relaxation and well being.


Massage Testimonials

Massage therapy was a GODSEND! It eased my aching hips, shoulders and neck and was a tremendous aid in helping me to relax. It helped to reduce the stress of my pregnancy.
— Sandy B.
Massage therapy helped to ease some of my water retention. I felt cared for and massage helped with all of my aches and pains.
— Michelle M.