Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at times! 

If you, or someone you know, is pregnant and uncomfortable, we help to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, it's that simple.  Please don't suffer needlessly during your pregnancy - we are just a phone call away. 

These are the services that we offer our pregnant moms:


Chiropractic care facilitates a more comfortable transition from early to late term pregnancy and through to postpartum recovery.

Our goals of Chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy are:

  • to relieve your aches and pains during your pregnancy
  • to help maintain your pelvis in a balanced position and ready for birth

Life with a new baby is definitely another time where chiropractic care can help your body more easily.

Immediately after birth, your body experiences another great posture change as your back adapts to not having a pregnant belly anymore. The posture of breastfeeding can cause great discomfort in the midback, especially between the shoulder blades. There is the constant lifting, bending, stooping, carrying the car seat about, rocking, walking and so on. Once again, we keep your spine moving easily as you take care of your baby.

Massage Therapy

During pregnancy, especially the third trimester, it can be quite tiring to move a belly with a baby in it around all day. Getting up from sitting, walking, bending over and turning over in bed become such monumental tasks, that many of us try not to as much as we can.

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It pampers you and helps to soothe tired, aching muscles, especially in the neck, shoulders and low back. In your early pregnancy, you might lie face down on a pregnancy table that opens to provide space for your belly. During the latter half of your pregnancy, you will most likely lie on your side during your massage. Pregnant women who are massaged throughout their pregnancy enjoy comfort, relaxation and the added benefits of:

•    Better sleep
•    Decreased stress levels
•    Less anxiety
•    Improved mood
•    Improved circulation
•    Less swelling of the hands, legs and feet

CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) assists the pregnant woman along her journey into motherhood by releasing restrictions in the pelvis that balances the pelvis, ligaments and uterus easing pain.  This co-creates an optimal birth experience for both mother and baby.  A primary focus is to release restrictions in the pelvis to resolve back and hip pain tension to prepare for an ideal optimal labor and delivery as well as a deep and loving connection between mother and baby.  CST also works directly with the baby’s cranioscaral system assisting them in-utero as well as making their environment ideal for a healthy pregnancy.  The earlier in the pregnancy the better the results.

Pregnancy Blog and Info for You!

Dr. Melanie has created Awesomemomtips - a blog for pregnant and experienced moms.  Take some time and check out her posts on how to make your pregnancy and life as a new mom EASIER.

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Dr. Melanie and staff are always so kind and accommodating.  My whole family comes to see Dr. Melanie and we all love it.  Chiropractic through pregnancy made it a breeze!  Also, newborn adjustments helped my baby SLEEP BETTER!  I could recommend anyone to Blessingways!
Dione I.


I found Blessingways chiropractic when my pregnancy started causing severe pelvic and hip pain.  After only a few appointments I found enough relief to sleep and continue working.  I added in massage and between the two I have been relatively comfortable for the rest of my pregnancy.  I can’t say enough good things about the support Melanie has offered me through this.  Thanks for all that you do.
Jane S. 

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