The health of your family is important to us too!  When families function better, our communities are stronger.  A grumpy or stressed out spouse, or a child who is complaining of pain or not doing well in school can cause family life to suffer just a bit.... or a whole bunch.

Many people don't realize that babies and children can suffer back pain or muscle imbalances.  They complain of a pain here or of a headache and many of us think, "you're a kid, how serious can this be?"

Actually, subluxations and resulting nerve interference can be quite serious.  Take a look at some of the complaints that we treat on our side bar on the right.  If you would like more information, please call us at the clinic at 403-945-2422 and we'll do our best to answer any questions that you might have.

Baby Adjustments

A baby’s first chiropractic adjustment ensures a start to life with a fully functioning nervous system!

Imagine being squished inside a sleeping bag that is not quite big enough for you…. for nine months. And just when you think that you can no longer fit into the sleeping bag, you get pushed through a tube that is smaller than the circumference of your head.

Imagine the pressure on your baby’s spine as he or she curls up inside you. Not to mention the pressure on your baby’s head to shift his cranial bones so that they compact inwards during birth and expand once your baby is born.

Then, factor in any interventions that have been performed during birth, Interventions such as vacuum extraction, forceps or cesarian birth. Interventions that can create pain in your baby’s head, neck, shoulders and spine, especially if your baby’s head has been pulled in any way during the birth process.

Add up the forces exerted during birth - any birth - and you realize that it is extremely important to have every newborn’s spine checked as soon as possible after birth. In fact, some of our new parents have their baby checked on the way home from the hospital!

Then consider sitting in carseats, falling asleep in torsioned body positioning and bumps and falls, and you might see how a baby does need to be checked regularly to see if his spine is in good alignment as he grows.

Children's Bumps and Falls

Children fall frequently as they learn to move their bodies in space.  It is a part of growing up.  Bumps and falls can knock vertebrae out of alignment easily, which can create pain.  The underlying principle is that if your child is complaining of physical pain, chances are that we can help.

Learning Difficulties

If your child is having troubles in school, whether it is reading comprehension or not being able to sit still in class, we might be able to help.  Sometimes reading difficulties are a result of an imbalance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and when these are balanced, the brain starts to function easier. 

Teenagers'  Back Pain is Different

The most significant problems that teens experience is neck and back pain resulting from the heavy backpacks that they lug back and forth from school.  Another significant problem is poor posture from kids that sit hunched over handheld gaming devices or cell phones.  We can help improve their posture....

Spouses Need Care Too!

We don't want to sound sexist here, but the reality of our clinic is that most of our moms book appointments for their husbands who would rather be doing anything else but coming in for care.  Well, we are great with spouses and we will take good care of yours, whether through chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture or Brain Gym.  We will do our best to return them to you in better shape than we received them...... so that you can get out and enjoy your life more.